WWE Legend challenges Jinder Mahal for a match in India

As already known Jinder Mahal lost the WWE Championship on the most recent episode of Smackdown LIVE to AJ Styles and lost his spot on the Survivor Series card. However Mahal will headline the Live Events in India and promote the WWE in the country. However since he lost the championship, his opponent is unknown, but a huge name has challenged the Modern Day Maharaja for a showdown during the Live Event in India.

The 14 time World Champion and COO of the company Triple H posted a video on his social media (Facebook & Twitter) and challenged Jinder Mahal for a match at the Live Event in India, he explained that he wanted to satisfy all the fans there by wrestling in front of them.

In case you are too lazy to watch the video, then this was what he told “My recent trip to Mumbai, I was asked a million times would I consider stepping back into the ring in India in December. I’ve decided India that if you want it bad enough, I will. Reply, let me hear your voice and if it is loud enough then I will return to New Delhi to step into the ring on December 9th but it won’t be just against anybody, it will be for the biggest match in India’s history, the Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal the former WWE Champion against the King of Kings, The Game, Celebral Assasin Triple H. The biggest match in India’s history. The question is India, Jinder Mahal are you ready?!”

Source: wrestlingorder.com

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