Woman Pretends To Be A Sex Robot, Gets Pregnant And Files For Child Support

United States.— Stephanie Smith, a 23-year old woman who works as a sex-worker decided to take her job to a whole new level: Becoming a sex robot, being sold and seeing how it plays out. She did it back in December, because she wanted to try it in a month where people “buy a lot of stuff”.

Before becoming a sex-worker, she was an actress. But because she couldn’t find any good opportunity working as an actress, she decided to try this. But it went wrong.

The woman got pregnant, and she wants to have the kid. But she doesn’t have enough money or resources to raise the chil, so she is filing for child support.

“After all, this is HIS child. He has to take care of his child, even though he didn’t want to have it.”, the woman said to our reporter Gary Cockburn. She was very upset and angry, and refused to say anything else.

On the other hand, the father of the child claims that “He didn’t know it was a real woman” and that he “avoids having sex with real women for this exact reason”.

The case will be taken to court, as the man states that he is innocent and doesn’t want to have the child.

“It was the most realistic sexual robot I had ever tried, until it wasn’t.”, said the man, disappointed.


Source: 8shit.net/

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