These Confessions From ‘Sex Addicts’ Are Making People Feel Uncomfortable

When you’re not getting ‘it’ (intercourse) and you become addicted to its thought, then it may not be an addiction. But, when you’re getting ‘it’ in abundance, and your desire for more seems endless, then it’s is an alarm that you need to stop.

It’s not us, but people who have been addicted to physical intimacy have shared their experiences with us. Individuals who have been addicted to having partners to share the bed at night have anonymously made some shocking claims in our inbox stating that “addiction to such intimacy ruins the relationships for forever.”

For a long time now, the physical relationships as a subject have been a topic which would make people hesitant enough to discuss in public. However, when anonymity is promised on the internet, people do come in front and share their real-life experiences of being addicted to lovemaking, as they share the list of their wildest desires which have and have not come true.

Have a look!

Alone with an unknown man.

Alone with an unknown man.

“I couldn’t find a man who would understand me completely, maybe I’m destined to be alone with unknown men on my bed, and it sucks.”

Do I want it too much?

Do I want it too much?

“To me, it seems that my boyfriend doesn’t want it as much as I want. Often I get mad at him, even though I know it’s my fault.”

It doesn’t seem to end.

It doesn't seem to end.

“Every time I bring my boyfriends at home, I say to myself that it’s the last time. It is going on since last five years, and this desire to have more doesn’t seem to end.”

I spent more on…

“Men don’t seem to satisfy me as much as toys do. I have spent $600 on toys.”

It’s different everytime.

It's different everytime.

“Physical relation with the same person gets boring after some time, so I do it with different people, and the experience is different every time; like it’s my first time.”



“Every time I see couples, I get the urge to do it all over again, but I couldn’t. I have HIV. Gay guy here.”

It’s 24/7.

It's 24/7.

At the corner of my window, topless, I look at the random guys and fantasize about them. I’m only 17, and I can’t go outside alone.”

Keeping up.

Keeping up.

“It took me ’23 one-night-stands’ to find the perfect partner, now we’re both addicts, and we do it all the time at places no one could imagine.”

The temptation.

The temptation.

“We are always on bed, doing it. We’re both married, but to different people.”


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