Teenage Boy Is Selling Virginity For One Million Dollars

An Australian teenager has put his virginity up for sale after seeing numerous women from around the world do the same.

Harry Peterson, a 18-year old from Melbourne, Australia said he decided to sell his virginity after he read stories of woman making millions of dollars doing that.

“Losing my virginity to a stranger has been a dream of mine since I was around 13 years old but it was only recently that I realised you can make millions from it”

“I saw a story about some woman doing it and thought if she can do then so can I”

“It’s perfect cause at the moment I’ve hardly been kissed and only grazed a few breasts in my life”

The famous Moonlight Ranch in Nevada USA, has taken up the challenge and is considered the world leader in selling virgins after American woman Bailey Gibson got 2.3 million last year.

Ranch owner and hot blooded American, Dennis Hol, said that although it would be more difficult selling a boy’s virginity he was confident he could get the job done.

“I’ve been selling virgins since God came down for Mary”

“Hell, you give me some old chicken thighs and a piece of dental floss and I’ll be able to sell you something worth putting your knob in”

Dennis also told The Stock On Times that women virgins often have to go through a series of medical examinations in order to prove their virginity but added he took one look at Harry and knew they’d be no need for any tests.

“He’s a virgin all right”

“Ain’t no woman going near that without my help”

Source:  8shit.net

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