Secrets About Dana White And The UFC They Don’t Want Us To Know

The world of the UFC and Dana White is often cloaked in secrecy and scandal. There is a lot going on in the UFC with fighters and Dana White that he would much rather you not know about. When he got involved with the UFC, he turned it into the most lucrative MMA company out there. The money has been rolling in for him and his partners ever since. These days, MMA is mainstream now and you have him and his partners to thank for that.

Of course, Dana White can’t take all the credit for the success of the UFC; there is a lot of talent fighting for him that brings in the crowd. The fighters have certainly been helping him put the sport on the map and it’s more popular now than it has ever been. The fighters have amazing personalities and even the ones that are a little more flamboyant like Conor McGregor still have a huge following and bring in tons of crowds when it comes to fight night.

There are plenty of things that go on behind the scenes, however, that the UFC probably doesn’t want you to know about. It could be legal scandals, fights between Dana and the fighters themselves, or just shady business that is best left behind the scenes. Check out these 15 dark secrets about Dana White and the UFC that they don’t want you to know.

15. Dana White Can Be Inappropriate

Just thinking about that totally gives us the creeps. He does have a lot of female fighters that he manages and we all remember how close he was to Ronda Rousey. There have been a few rumors that have gone around about his closeness to the female fighters and the fact that he gets a little too touchy-feely. But it’s not even just fighters; it seems when he meets anyone that he likes, he gets a little too up close and personal. Enter actress Olivia Munn. This photo was taken in 2012 and we’re sure that he wishes no one had ever seen it. Many people wonder if something happened between the two and Munn was quick to respond that White was like a brother to her. We doubt that White feels the same way.

14. Dana White Rubs Conor McGregor The Wrong Way

Dana White has never been someone that holds his tongue when he has something to say. He is often aggressive toward his fighters especially if they happen to have an ego. That’s just what happened with White and McGregor.

We’re sure that the UFC would like everyone to believe that they are a well-oiled machine and that there are never issues between the president of the UFC and their fighters, but that’s rarely the case.

It’s not like White can get rid of McGregor at this point if he doesn’t like him because McGregor is a great asset to the UFC right now, especially since his fight with Mayweather. Even though he lost the fight, he reached a whole new level of fame and success. He’s a fighter that definitely brings in a lot of money for the UFC.

13. The Bad Behavior Of Some Fighters

Like many organizations, they would love it if their fighters were squeaky clean at all times. That can be a hard thing to accomplish, especially when you have a bunch of fighters who love to party and have foul mouths. The last thing the UFC wants is for a scandal to break.

Well, if that was the case, they should have kept a tighter leash on Chuck Liddell.

If you are looking for some entertainment, all you have to do is look up his party pictures and you will start to wonder how his girlfriends ever put up with him. Despite the fact that he’s been married before and has girlfriends, it doesn’t seem to stop the fighter from touching girls at parties. These photos don’t even begin to sum up what it’s like to party with Liddell.

12. Dana Was Forced To Give Up His Seat To Mike Tyson

Dane White thinks he’s a bigger deal than he actually is and he is no match for some celebrities in the world. By all appearances, he and Mike Tyson are friends, but that doesn’t mean that Tyson is going to give up his seat for him. The two were traveling on a private jet together and when Tyson saw White in a seat that he wanted, he asked him to move. White objected, but in the end, Tyson got his seat which must have been embarrassing for the president of the UFC. What was worse was when White fell asleep and Tyson made a point of writing a bad word on his forehead and then posted it on social media. It sounds like White put up with a lot of indignities just to fly on a private jet.

11. B.J. Penn Gets In Trouble

Again, the UFC doesn’t really want their fighters to get caught doing something bad and then get arrested for it. There is such a thing as bad publicity and when a fighter gets arrested, it’s not good news for Dana White. We’ve probably all seen the mugshot of B.J. Penn after he got into a fight outside of a bar in Hawaii, which happens to be where the fighter is from.

This isn’t the first time that a fighter was arrested, but White prefers to sweep these incidents under the rug.

He wants his fighters and the UFC to look squeaky clean. The mugshot showed Penn with a mark under his eye and police said that the fighter at the time was heavily intoxicated. This is one story that White is hoping the world forgets.

10. Conor McGregor Sometimes Gets Too Wild

We have seen more than enough pictures of Conor McGregor partying to know that he can get wild sometimes. We’re sure that Dana White cringes when party pictures of McGregor get posted because it usually shows his fighters as hot messes. It appears as if someone at the party was filming the fighter and when he found out, he didn’t look so happy about it. That didn’t seem to stop these photos from getting loose. Sources from the party stated that McGregor cheated on Dee Devlin at the party and we don’t think it was the last time either. Many people stated that McGregor was drinking heavily at the party. None of it was probably good news for White who has to clean up these media messes afterward. Obviously, Devlin forgave McGregor since they are still together.

9. Dana’s Mom Wrote A Tell-All Book

Well, that’s usually not a good thing, just ask Jennifer Aniston. You might be surprised to hear that Dana White’s mother wrote a book that has some juicy details about the UFC President. Apparently, White and his mother aren’t on the greatest of terms because she was particularly scathing when she talked about her son. The book is called Dana White: King of MMA and it’s an unauthorized biography. Mrs. White does not mince words when she calls her son a “tyrant” and a “pr*ck.”

Apparently, she wasn’t treated very well as White rose to fame and wealth. She also states that her son ignored his own grandmother and left her living in a trailer park even though he had millions of dollars to help her.

We imagine that it’s probably not the kind of book he wanted to get out.

8. That Time That Joe Rogan Got Caught

We’re sure that there are times that Dana White just shakes his head when he sees pictures of his fighters, or in this case, the voice of the UFC, on social media. When it comes to Joe Rogan, he’s not someone that White can control because he pretty much just does what he wants.

Rogan is a versatile guy and has done pretty much everything in his career. He has a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience that must make White cringe on the regular.

It’s probably best that White just have a sense of humor about the things that Rogan does. Rogan is an advocate of the legalization of Mary-Jane and even though he’s open about it, it was quite the scandal when a photo of Rogan taking a hit was all over the Internet.

7. The Reebok Deal Doesn’t Help The Fighters

Sponsorship is a huge part of how a fighter makes money, especially before they start fighting for the title. UFC fighters don’t get the opportunities to get other sponsors because the UFC signed an exclusive deal with Reebok that states that all the fighters must wear their gear. Fighters like Ronda Rousey or Conor McGregor probably wouldn’t care because they are rolling in the dough, but there are a lot of fighters in the UFC that aren’t making enough to even survive at times.

The UFC gets $70 million over a period of six years in exchange for having all the fighters wear their gear.

Many of the fighters were unhappy with the one sponsorship because it doesn’t allow them to play to their personas. They were also able to wear many different logos on their shorts before which meant that they were probably making extra money.


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