Ronda Rousey Appearing After Royal Rumble Gives Rise To Major Speculation

Women’s Royal Rumble Match: WWE Royal Rumble 2018 winners, video highlights and analysis

The first ever Women's Royal Rumble, the winner and beyond

RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon was invited as the special guest commentator whereas Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair were present on the ring-side.

#1 The first entrant was The Boss, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch walked in at #2. The two lock horns an try to come up with strategies in order to eliminate their opponent before the third wrestler walks in.

#3 Enter Sarah Logan. The Riott Squad member entered the ring and immediately started attacking Lynch.

#4 Mandy Rose makes her way to the ring. The Absolution member walked in to take on Banks while Lynch and Logan were struggling to eliminate each other.

#5 The WWE Hall of Famer, Lita walks and is greeted by the fans with a huge pop. She has a staredown with all the four women wrestlers who were inside the ring before getting involved in a fight against Rose.

The first elimination of the match was Rose as she was tossed over the rope by Lita.


#6 Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane walks in and established her dominance in the first few seconds. She dropped her famous elbow drop now known as sailing seas on Sasha Banks.


#7 Tamina enters next. Lita welcomed her with a DDT and took her out. After eliminating Tamina, Lita was tossed over by Lynch.

#8 Dana Brooke walked in and the best and made a statement by eliminating Kairi Sane.

#9 The fans erupted as Torrie Wilson was the next one to enter the ring. She took out Brooke moments before the countdown to the next entrant began.

#10 Absolution member Soniya Deville entered the ring and immediately eliminated Torrie Wilson. But before she had time to settle down in the ring, the countdown for the next entrant began.

#11 The Riott squad couldn’t be left behind, could they? Liv Morgan was the next one to enter and immediately started attacking Sasha Banks.

#12 Molly Holly walks in. She took on Sasha Banks and went on to deliver a spectacular moonsault on the Boss. Following that, Deville charged towards Holly to greet her with a kick.

#13 Lana entered and the crowd erupted with the “Rusev Day” chants. She first slapped Deville and then went on to fight against Morgan.

#14 Can you believe the shape that Michelle McCool is in? She looked stronger than ever and eliminated Soniya Deville, Liv Morgan, Lana and Molly Holly.

#15 Ruby Riott walked into a lot of trouble as she was on the verge of elimination multiple times while struggling against Mccool.

#16 Surprisingly, Vicky Guerrero screamed her way into the ring and started trash talking. She was soon tossed over the top rope by the four women standing inside the ring.

#17 Next came, Carmella – the first ever Women’s MITB Champion. She teased Vicky and was slammed by her own briefcase in return.

#18 The first ever third-generation female Superstar, Natalya made her way to the ring. Amidst her encounters with the wrestlers inside the ring, Natalya had just started to gain confidence. Obviously, she did not see what was coming next.

#19 Enter Kelly Kelly. She was almost eliminated by Natalya as soon as she entered but Natalya started celebrating confidently only to be eliminated by Kelly who made had made her way back to the ring.

Moments later, Natalya and Kelly eliminated McCool.

#20 Naomi was the next one to enter. On the other hand, Lynch gained momentum and took out almost everyone but was eliminated by Ruby Riottt after 35 minutes.

#21 WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline walked in next. She took out everyone and tried eliminating Kelly Kelly.

#22 It was finally time for the Raw’s destructive force, Nia Jax to announce her arrival. She went on a rampage mode and kept eliminating one wrestler after the other. She even destroyed Naomi’s efforts and exceptional skills who had made her way back inside the ring without letting her feet touch the ground after being tossed out of the ring initially.

#23 NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon was the next one who made her way into the ring.

#24 Beth Phoneix was the one who walked in and had a staredown with Nia Jax. For a while, everyone laid waste as the two had a dream feud. She soon received help from Natalya and the two teamed up to eliminate Jax.

The two best friends in real life had an overwhelming moment inside the ring and just when it seemed that the two women will have a heart to heart inside the ring, Natalya slapped Phoenix and threw her over the top rope.

#25 Asuka was welcomed with a huge pop. She eliminated three women before her incredible face off with her old rival Ember Moon.

#26 WWE Hall of Famer Mickie James was the next entrant followed by Nikki Bella at #27. While the crowd was still coming to terms with this surprise entrant, the next one was not expected.

#28 Brie Bella! She came out of retirement for this historic match.

#29 Bayley entered the ring and was involved in an encounter with the Bella twins. While the crowd sat waiting for Ronda Rousey to make her debut, they were in for another huge surprise.

#30 The final entrant was the one who received one of the loudest pops in the night. Trish Stratus made her way to the ring as the WWE Universe bowed down to their first ever female Superstar.

Stratus shared a heated moment with Mickie James and everyone couldn’t help but recall the iconic rivalry they had back in the day. Stratus eliminated James whereas all the other in-ring members teamed up to make sure that Nia Jax doesn’t stay inside the ring for that.

Soon after that, Banks eliminated Bayley. On the other hand, Nataly attempted to a take-out Stratus but was fell prey to her own plan. Stratus was quick to eliminate Nataly and was herself tossed out of the ring by Banks.

The Bella twins then eliminated Sasha Banks who had an incredible run in the entire match. That left them inside the ring with Asuka.

Nikki ended up eliminating her own sister and after a tense segment, Asuka finally picked up her well-deserved win and created history by becoming the first ever champion of Women’s Royal Rumble.

However, when she was inside the ring alongside Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss and was just about to choose her WrestleMania opponent, Ronda Rousey made her much-awaited appearance.

She went inside the ring and pointed at the WrestleMania sign amidst a huge pop. The show ended on a successful note despite leaving room for several speculations.



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