Man Takes His Sex Doll On A Date To A Public Restaurant

Due to Valentine’s day, many couples decided to go to restaurants in order to celebrate. It’s something normal, except for this guy who did something many people wouldn’t consider.

A 20-year old man went into a restaurant with his “partner”, ordered dinner for both of them and sat with her to enjoy the night. The most surprising part is that this guy’s partner was just a sex doll, which surprised everyone in the restaurant. When the people in charge noticed the guy, they kindly asked him to leave: “We don’t care whether he comes with a sex doll or not, but at least, he has to dress her.”

Many customers inside the restaurant, who were also eating dinner with their partners, were looking at the man, and one of them said out loud: “At least he’s sure that he’s going to bang her. I have to work hard on this…”



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