Huge Superstar returning to RAW next week

This week’s episode will come Live from Atlanta and is the go-home episode of RAW for Survivor Series and has a major match in Bayleyvs. Dana Brooke vs. Mickey James for the episode with Survivor Series implications on.

However according to latest reports, Paige is all set to return to RAW this week and somehow get inserted into the match making it a Fatal Fourway.

Paige is expected to win and be included in the Women’s RAW Team for Survivor Series match against Smackdown LIVE

The former two-time WWE Divas champion has not appeared for the promotion since June of 2016, just before she was forced out of commission with a neck injury.

What ensued was a whirlwind of controversy including wellness violations, suspensions, leaked nude photos and videos and other high drama that suggested the once-promising prospect would never set foot in WWE again.

But everybody loves a good comeback story, and fortunately, Paige’s current trajectory suggests she is destined to become the star of yet another dramatic rise from the ashes in pro wrestling.

Paige Reportedly Splits from Alberto El Patron, Focuses on Training at WWE Performance Center

Paige’s seemingly toxic relationship with Alberto Patron (nèe Del Rio) is reportedly behind her, according to a recent Snapchat video she posted from a bar where she declared herself single. Paige has now re-focused her energy to train at the WWE Performance Center for a return few people thought was possible.

With the return gaining traction on, it’s only a matter of time before the controversial star makes her way back to either Raw or SmackDown Live.

Paige’s very public comeback tour bodes well for the talented, at times troubled, performer. Her current workouts at the Performance Center are a sign that not only is she once again part of the WWE family, but the promotion is prepared to work with Paige in moving on from what seemed to be irreparable damage.


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