Hollywood Celebrities Who Didn’t Care About Stereotypes And Broke Them Proudly

Marriages in Hollywood don’t last forever, we all know that. They’re just like a movie in a theatre, and when someone new gets married, people and fans forget the old ones. There are a lot many striking similarities between Hollywood films and marriages.

Like, some are more famous than the other, some perform well, while some of them fail drastically. In between all of these, there are also those films or marriages in once in a while that challenge the stereotypes we’ve built in our society, which prove that in the end, only love matters.

There are some of the most shocking names in this list of celebrities who chose love over glamour, fame, and ‘so-called’ public image. Remember Angelina Jolie’s first marriage to Jonny Lee Miller? Or when Ryan Gosling tied the knot with Eva Mendes.

Have a look at these celebrities and some other as well, who tied the knot and married the love of their life against all the stereotypes.

Let’s have a look!


One of those who doesn’t care about height.

Mary-Kate Olsen (1.57 m/5′ 2″) who works as a Fashion Designer married Olivier Sarkozy (1.9 m/6′ 2″) who is a French banker. Sarkozy gifted her a mansion in Manhattan, and they soon got married in a secret wedding.


Modern day couple, who broke all the stereotypes of the height.

Harry Potter fame, Daniel Radcliffe (1.65 m/5′ 5″) married a taller woman Erin Darke (1.7 m/5′ 7″) who rose to fame with the films like Still Alice and Don’t Think Twice. Neither the height nor age (as Erin is five years older) bothers the couple.

After the height, there are some who didn’t care about age.

Sandro Kopp and Tilda Swinton always keep their life private, infrequently arriving at public events. The age difference of 18 years doesn’t matter to them.

Another celebrity example, who proved age doesn’t matter.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones share the same birthday, but with a 25-year of difference. Both of them met for the first time while shooting ‘The Mask of Zorro’ and fell in love at first sight.

Now, the ones who didn’t care about social status.

The Academy Award winner, actor Matt Damon tied the with Luciana Barroso who worked as a bartender before their marriage. They married twice in the year 2005 in private ceremony and then in 2013 at St. Lucia.

Matt Damon isn’t the only one, there’s a prince in this list as well.

The Crown Prince of Norway, Haakon and a waitress, Mette-Marit who was a drug addict and already had a son from a man with a criminal record got married to each other.

Passport stamp never bothered this couple.

Gerard Pique and Shakira were also born on the same day, but with the age difference of 10 years. Shakira often pays a visit to his games and has devoted herself as his biggest fan.


Source: wittyfeed.me

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