Easy Things You Have Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life

We are always engaged in tasks in our entire day. From running errands, household works to managing and organising our activities. In the midst of all this, we often end up doing things the wrong way. Whether it is squeezing a lemon or cutting a cake, we’ve been carrying out these activities in the same way our parents used to do. But, does that mean we cannot bring a change in the most basic things of life? Yes, we can and as you browse through the following 15 optimum tricks to do things you’ll never find doing those things difficult again.

So, ready to bring a whole lot of change in your life? Okay, then, here we go with the easiest tricks you’ll come by today.

1. Wardrobe management

Instead of stacking your piling them up horizontally, start stacking up vertically. This way you’ll not create a mess finding your favourite clothing and also see the whole collection you have.

2. Break a Toblerone

Forget about how you’ve been eating so far, from today onwards, just apply a slight pressure on the inner edge and cherish your chocolate.

3. Peeling mangoes

Don’t worry about cuts from peelers and knives, take a glass and run your mango slice from its edge. There you have it, a perfectly peeled mango pulp inside your glass. You also will not drop it in this way.

4. Tic Tac tech

You drop your tic tac every then and now while taking it out, so from next time don’t take it out the usual way. Slant it on one side as pictured and open the lid slowly, this way you’ll be able to have one at a time.

5. Peeling boiled eggs

Next time when you want to peel off the outer layer of a boiled egg, just roll it over the table, and it will peel off with zero efforts.

6. Cutting a cake

When it comes to largely sized cakes, rather than finding a big knife, I’d say bring that floss out of your bathroom closet. Now, unroll it as per your needs and run the floss from top to bottom of the cake. Sorted!


Source: wittyfeed.me


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