Daniel Bryan explains why the WWE Doctors are not clearing him

Daniel Bryan was with with Busten Open Radio and he talked about his in-ring future in the WWE, on the show. He also spoke about why he feels the WWE are too afraid of clearing him.

He explained that it is not just the medical clearance he needs right now, “The frustrating part is it doesn’t necessarily have to do with how I actually am medically, It’s a lot of, I don’t want to say political, but it’s just the situation around concussions at the moment. Everything is so fear-based. The media is fear-based, all that kind of stuff. If this would have happened 10 years ago, for better or worse, they would have just put me right back out there. If this were to happen 10 years from now, it would be a different story because they’ve have better testing. They’re working on better testing now and you’d have a better understanding of where we’re at as far as concussions go.”

Bryan also confirmed that he’s in better condition than half the roster, “All the tests that I’m taking are all saying that not only am I good, but better than your average person who’s never had any concussions,” stated Bryan. “And that’s the frustrating part.”

It is disappointing that Daniel Bryan is not being cleared after working so hard to get back to in-ring action

Source: http://wrestlinghome.net

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