5 Match Results Which Can Shock The World At WrestleMania 34

A fan in disbelief when Lesnar conquered the Streak.

The biggest pay-per-view of the year, WrestleMania is now less than two weeks away. Fans are waiting for the 7-hour long show to unfold.

Although the match card for WrestleMania 34 is heavily decked, the results of a few matches seem like they are set in stone, with only one possible outcome. With that being said, here are match results that would shock the world, if they do pan out at WrestleMania.

#1 Ronda Rousey betrays Kurt Angle

What if this happens again at WrestleMania?

As seen this past week on Raw, the “Power Couple” blamed Kurt Angle for turning Ronda Rousey against them. They mentioned that after WrestleMania is over, they will “dust off and repackage” The Rowdy One to the fans.

They showed no hard feelings and expressed their faith in her. This is something which is rarely seen from them. The former UFC fighter is one of the biggest attractions at WrestleMania, and having her turn heel could be the shocker of the night.

What if she decides to cut a deal with the “Authority” and leave the Olympic gold medalist hi and dry on the Grandest stage of them all.

#2 Braun Strowman gets pinned

Can the Bar do what Roman Reigns did?

Braun Strowman has significantly improved his game over the last one year. It is disappointing to see that the man of his calibre is not on the main event card at WrestleMania.

The “Monster Among Men” and his mystery partner will face the Bar for the Raw tag-team championship. Even though his partner is not official yet, fans are rooting for him to get his hands on the tag-team gold.

It would be hard to believe if WWE comes up with an ending which has Strowman’s back flat on the mat as the referee counts to three. Unless the pinfall is setting up a great feud for the big man ahead, this shouldn’t happen.

#3 Charlotte breaks Asuka’s streak

What if the 'Queen' conquers the streak?

The “Empress of Tomorrow” vs. the “Queen” is one the most awaited matches on the Women’s roster. Although the bout is expected to be a classic one, only few would agree that Asuka’s undefeated streak will see its night.

Her streak could be a great asset for the company in the future. Not to mention, with Ronda Rousey on the roster, it will be great to see her trying to break Asuka’s undefeated streak.

The Japanese wrestler is one of the greatest performers in the women’s division. She truly deserves the Gold at WrestleMania 34.

#4 Brock Lesnar defeats Roman Reigns

What is Lesnar pulls out the Summerslam 2017 result in a singles match?

Although Brock Lesnar is the most ferocious Champion in WWE’s history, he seems like the one who is carrying the belt until WrestleMania (to drop it). Fans are already speculating who will the next opponent for Roman Reigns once he dethrones the “Beast Incarnate” at WrestleMania 34.

Additionally, there are various reasons for WWE to part their ways with the current champion post WrestleMania. It will be a shock if he retains the Universal Championship. With that victory, he would literally have beaten the entire WWE roster. Not to mention, the entire push that the “Big Dog” has got from defeating the Undertaker and John Cena would go in vain.

This one is going to be a shock for which even WWE won’t be ready.

#5 John Cena wins against the Undertaker

Can Cena be the third one to beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania?

The Undertaker is the Holy-Grail when it comes to the most coveted PPV of the year. There are only a few legends whom the “Deadman” has not faced at WrestleMania, and John Cena is one of them. The sixteen times World Champion has called out the “Phenom” for a couple of weeks now and still needs an official confirmation.

The “American Badass” has lost in two out of his last four appearances at WrestleMania. Hence, he needs this victory much more than his opponent. Not only his victory would maintain the legacy of his streak, but also will rightfully mark the (possible) end of his illustrious career.

With WrestleMania only a couple of days away, predictions for WrestleMania 34 are in full swing. Be sure that WWE will offer a few shocking results at the ‘Showcase of Immortals’.

Source : sportskeeda.com.

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